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#BlackMusicMonth Series: The Time Has Come For You To Take The Stage

In celebration of June being Black Music Month, I will be placing the Music Mondays spotlight on some of my most beloved ‘Old School’ motivational songs from the 80’s and 90’s era. As a baby of the late 70’s, music from these decades was instrumental in shaping my self-perception and much of my attitude about life.  I will simply let the music and lyrics of these powerful songs speak for themselves. I hope that you enjoy this special series!



Think about your favorite movie or television show for a moment. Now reflect on your favorite character. Doesn’t it seem like the role was made just for the person who plays it? Could you ever imagine anyone else in that same role?


No one could have been Jerry Maguire but Tom Cruise. No one could have been Agent J but Will Smith. You can even look at it from other angles: no one could have been LeBron but Lebron; or Orpah but Oprah. Similarly, in this ‘show’ called life, the only person that can play your role is you.


Your qualities, your flaws, and yes—even your quirkiness all were designed to be used for the purpose of fulfilling the role in this world that has been custom-crafted just for you. The only thing needed is for you to take the stage and claim it!


That means stepping up from the audience. Stepping out from behind the curtain. Taking that big leap of faith and walking right into the spotlight. It means being authentic and never being apologetic for who you are—or even who you’re not. It means using everything that you have to get to where you want (and are supposed) to be in life. Above all, it means having confidence and being aware of the wealth of wonderful experiences and opportunities that await you if you just go after them.


Don’t focus on your problems—focus on your potential.


In spite of anything that has happened, is happening, or ever could happen to you in your life, the control of your legacy is still (and always) ultimately yours. You are the only one suited for your role in this world. And even though people can push, pull, or persuade you into your life’s spotlight or changes may occur with the script, the performance itself is still yours to command.


Always remember: you are the way that you are for a unique purpose. A purpose that has the potential of a huge and positive impact on the lives of others—an impact that only YOU can make.


The world is your stage, your purpose is your role, and your individuality is your qualification.



The time has come for you to take the stage! 🙂




Enjoy this week’s Music Monday’s selection, ‘Nobody Can Be You but You’ (circa 1983) by artist Steve Arrington.



Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com




The featured image for this series is provided by Wydtrack Music, a phenomenal Midwest-based production company specializing in R&B, Rock, Rap, and Alternative genres. Their artists include the incomparable Terry L, Darryl RessePreshus Metal, Woodz, and more. You can discover more about Wydtrack Music by visiting their website. You can also find them on FacebookTwiiter, and Google Play.




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Deeone Higgs

I certainly agree with you, Makeba! Too often, we miss what is ours, spending precious time and energy trying to do things like someone else has done it. Once we get better about being who we were created to be, we realize the gifts we have been given and begin understanding what we can offer just being ourselves. I have also discovered the moment we quit trying to do it like someone else did it, or trying to get people to see how awesome we are – we surrender control of the situation; and allow the Universe to send the… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone Higgs

Greetings Deeone! That is the one thing that I love about this thing Life — it’s not just one stage only that everyone has to share, but each person was born into this world with their own stage and thus their own spotlight made to shine just for (and on) them! So yes, no one ever has to compete with anyone else’s stage or light — everyone has their own. And it is up to each person to claim their “fame” of their own spotlight. The moment the decision has been made for that to happen and actions began to… Read more »

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