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8 Of The Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Getting to a studio for a yoga workout is not always an easy task to fit into the day. Below are 8 apps that can enhance your yoga practice at home or on the go.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go


Yogifyconsidered as one of the best free yoga apps availableoffers a variety of free sample classes using over 275 poses. Enjoy 35 hours of free classes, then buy one program for $1.99, a whole level for $3.99, or all classes for $9.99.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Airplane Yoga

If you are a frequent long-distance traveler or have a job that requires sitting for long hours, the Airplane Yoga app is for you. The app costs $3.99 and is programmed with a number of simple seated postures to boost circulation, release tension and eliminate soreness.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Yoga – Asana Dictionary

Up your yoga knowledge with the Yoga – The Asana Dictionary app ($0.99), which provides instruction for dozens of postures, and explains how to correctly perform them using the breath as your guide. What makes the app unique is that the videos feature a teacher helping a student with alignment, rather than just a student demonstrating the correct form.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Yoga In Bed

Get your day started feeling calm and centered with a 23-minute yoga practice in your pajamas using the Yoga in Bed app. At only $.99, the app also features a relaxing, restfulness-inducing night practice for before bedtime. Users can also set the app’s alarm to wake up to peaceful sounds.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Breathing Zone

Breathing (pranayama) is one of the most important parts of a good yoga practice. Try beginning your workout with a simple five-minute breathing exercise using Breathing Zone ($3.99), an effective guide to mindful breathing. The app includes a soothing visualizer function that shows the in-out pattern of the breath with a colorful flower-like figure.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Yoga For Urban Living

This $4.99 app contains three different routines, tailored specifically for urban dwellers, from famous yogi and Bollywood fitness guru Hemalayaa. The Yoga For Urban Living app offers a 25-minute “yoga bath,” and other practices to hep calm the mind from the distractions of city life.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Yoga Free: Asanas & Exercises

Considered as one of the most comprehensive yoga apps out there, the Yoga Free: Asanas and Exercises app includes images and instructions for 250 yoga poses, and a make-your-own program function that allows you to put them together into a series. The calendar function allows yogis to track their practices and receive a daily yoga quote.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

Yoga For Runners

Both long and short-distance runners can benefit from a few pre- and post-workout yoga postures. The Yoga for Runners app ($1.99) can help runners keep muscles loose. The app also includes healthy smoothie and energy bar recipes to fuel workouts.

Best Apps For Yoga On The Go

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