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The Beauty of Witnessing Your Child’s Love for Sports


Raising children is rewarding, raising athletes is even more so. My oldest son Jedi has always been interested in team sports. From football to basketball to baseball, Jedi just wanted to be out there. After bouncing around from sport to sport, Jedi fell in love with volleyball during his first year of high school.



photo source: Mark Schierbecker


It was amazing to watch him develop as a young athlete, show passion for a sport, to watch him work hard, and to watch him progress. He played junior varsity his freshman year and varsity his last three, serving as the team captain and earning MVP honors as a senior.



Love for Team Sports

The Beauty of Witnessing Your Child's Love for Team Sports

photo source: Mark Schierbecker



photo source: Mark Schierbecker

Love for Team Sports

He made lasting friendships with his teammates and together they achieved great success falling one game short of a state championship.



photo source: Mark Schierbecker


Because of his love for sports, Jedi is also an avid fan of the Olympics. The 2008 Olympics were his first games and he has been supporting team USA ever since. His favorite events were basketball and track/field but since 2012, when he began volleyball, USA volleyball has been just as important to him. He has been closely watching the beach volleyball duo of Kerri Walsh-Jennings and April Ross as they play for Olympic gold.


The Beauty of Witnessing Your Child's Love for Sports


Jedi supports team USA by watching his favorite events but there are more ways to support. Another way to support is to shop products that sponsor team USA at Walmart. The Procter and Gamble company (P&G) is a proud sponsor of team USA and already produces the products you love. We support by buying P&G’s Aussie hair products.


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Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment works great on Jedi’s hair, which gets frizzy and tangled after practices and games. Aussie is a fast and effective solution that leaves Jedi’s hair tangle free and clean. Aussie is one of many common products that by being bought, will help support our athletes as they compete in the 2016 Rio games.


The Beauty of Witnessing Your Child's Love for Sports


The Beauty of Witnessing Your Child's Love for SportsBe sure to shop for P&G brands at Walmart to support Team USA. #LetsPowerTheirDreams by also showing support on social media, connecting with Aussie and other P&G brands on Facebook and Twitter.  

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Thanks for sharing this! I love to support the brands that support my favorite teams, or in this case, the USA Olympic team!


It’s so exciting when your kids get into sports. It’s an amazing feeling to see them grow as athletes and as people!

Colleen Lanin

First of all, I just have to say that the fact that you named your son Jedi is the coolest thing ever. Secondly, it looks like he’s having so much fun!


It is certainly great to see how the love of sports can motivate a child to succeed. I hope that one of my boys will want to be athletic as they get older. I remember working hard in softball when I was a kid, it’s great to have a reason to push yourself like that!


I already buy a lot of the brands that sponsor team USA and I didn’t even know it. How cool!


It is definitely a joy to watch. My daughter loves swimming and it makes me so happy to see the joy on her face.


I adore those moms who have raised athletes! You are so inspiring!


I like to support brands that help others and it makes it even easier when it’s a great brand like Aussie.

Marcie W.

Congratulations to your son on his hard work and athletic achievements. How cool! I find so much joy in watching my children play sports, especially when they are having fun.


I am so in the same boat as you! I am all about encouraging my daughter to commit to her track team and that means practice six days a week and meets on the weekends. I’ve seen her blossom into such a self possessed and confident young woman since she joined the track team and I can’t imagine a greater gift a parent could give their child. And this has the been the first year that she has been asking me to watch the Olympics with her!


Oh wow, your son sounds super talented! It’s great that you can support Team USA by buying these products.


In my case, it would be his love for video games. He said he’s building hos gaming empire. Lol. I love it when kids find their purpose early. Great for your son for his love of sports


I played volleyball in school too, so I totally get his passion for the sport. I’ll be sure to support Team USA buy shopping for these P&G products at Walmart!


We’ve been so hooked on watching the Olympics, and I love buying products that are sponsors for it. And yes when you see you child love and excel in what they do is just incredible!


Aww, I love volleyball too. It was so nice to grow up playing sports and I think it develops character.


It’s awesome that you’re so supportive of your son! It’s important that we show them that we also care about their passion because it motivates them and empowers them as well. I’m glad that there are companies and brands that are continuously supporting Team USA!


P&G’s always a consistent and reputable company with their huge lineup of awesome products. We’re proud of you Jedi, keep it up and someday you might just bite a medal!


I grew up playing & watching sports also. My mom was always an athlete, so she really encouraged it in us. It’s wonderful to know our favorite products also support our favorite athletes.


My kids love sports as well and there’s just something about it that makes you proud of them. IT teaches them a few things normal life can’t.


Aw you have your own version of Charlie Brown. My nephew has a strong love for basketball and it will only grow more from here. He is twelve.


Wow, it is really a wonderful feeling! I want to see my son to be engaged in sports.


That three minute miracle smooth treatment sounds amazing! I’ll try some of that on my girls. They both are playing on their first basketball team this fall!


I don’t think my son is interested in sports for now. Although he loves playing basketball, maybe when he grew a little bit older.

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