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Rising Above Negativity

The Beauty In Rising Above Negativity

There are two ways to deal with negative people and situations: you can let them sink you, or you can commit yourself to rising above them.

I myself always choose the latter. .

It is not easy, and in some cases it takes time. Yet in all of my 39 years, I have never had a moment when rising above negativity yielded anything less than a positive outcome for me both mentally and emotionally. .

I have been through a lot in the past few months—both with things happening and with people that I love and trusted. During this time, I discovered that I have the power within me to rise above any personal attack, any problem, any hurt, and any negative energy that comes my way. I realized that I have control of the people and thoughts that enter and dwell in my mental and emotional space. ~Maybe not all of the time, but at least enough times for me to keep a handle on my sanity and peace of mind. And whatever negativity does make its way in, I have the ability to process it, address it, release it, and move on. I have made a promise to myself that going forward, I will never again allow anything or anyone to make me feel inadequate or steal my inner joy. That is a promise that I intend to keep.Rising Above Negativity

Life is full of lessons and discoveries. The beauty of it is that both come in many forms that we may or may not be prepared for. True, dealing with the unexpected can be tough, but it can also be the key that unlocks the door to making us stronger, better, and more resilient than we were before. Rising Above Negativity

If I have not learned anything else from these past few months, I have learned that with great challenges comes great growth. And it is in growth where the ability to elevate our minds, our hearts, our faith, and our strength during adversity is birthed, refined, and most of all, perfected.


 Rising Above Negativity

~Don’t let negative things and people get the best of you and bring your down. Find your strength, exercise your faith, and rise above it all so that you can bask in the beauty of your personal growth.



Rising Above Negativity

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 Rising Above Negativity

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