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Parents: Beat the Winter Break Blues with a Visit to Chuck E. Cheese's

Parents: Beat the Winter Blues with a Visit to Chuck E Cheese


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Aaaah: Winter has arrived! No more early mornings, rushing to make breakfast for the kids (and coffee for yourself), and flying out the door to get everyone to school on time! It is the first time in the school year where moms and dads get a break from their kids’ homework, class projects, after-school activities, PTA meetings, and all other things school-related.


But then there is the trade-off. A few hours of madness in the mornings and evenings is quickly replaced with madness that lasts all day around the house. Restless kids are running through hallways and on stairways, jumping on beds, wrestling on furniture – it never stops! It doesn’t take long before the same parents who were counting down the days to the start of winter are doing the same for when the kids go back to school.


Before the kids (and you) go too crazy, consider planning a few days of winter for fun days out of the house. One place to go is Chuck E. Cheese’s: they have all of the space and opportunity for kids to run and play freely, allowing parents to get a much-needed break – and even have some fun themselves!


There are a ton of great offerings Chuck E. Cheese’s has to make now just a winter day, but any day special! It a safe, fun, and entertaining environment for both kids and adults alike. Experience great games you can enjoy with the kids, or let them have fun while you relax. There is so much to do and so much great food, families can enjoy the whole day there making great family memories.


Parents: Beat the Winter Break Blues with a Visit to Chuck E. Cheese's.


Not only is it a great place to exert some energy, parents can rejoice in the fact that Chuck E. Cheese’s is a great place to feed the entire family an affordable delicious meal. Their new menu offers something for everyone and every taste. The entire family can share their Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza. Or the kids enjoy that one while the parents indulge in their equally-delicious Cali-Alfredo pizza. Also on the menu are wings, specialty wraps, sub sandwiches, and more. There’s even an individual Cheese Pizza and a Chocolate Fudge Cupcake that are certified gluten-free.


Anytime is a great time to have fun, and Chuck E. Cheese’s is all about having fun! A family day out during winter – or any day of the year – is definitely a great way to celebrate victories big and small! Make plans for a fun day at Chuck E. Cheese’s soon – I can assure you: your kids will love it!


Parents: Beat the Winter Break Blues with a Visit to Chuck E. Cheese's


No need to wait for a birthday, make great memories today at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Learn more and find the location nearest you by visiting the website here. While you’re there, check out Chuck E. Cheese’s new menu and get special deals and offers through the Chuck E-Club. You can also connect with Chuck E. Cheese’s on Facebook and Twitter. 

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