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Beach Club Dreaming Family Travel For The New Year

Beach Club Dreaming: Family Travel For The New Year

The past few years have found me doing a lot of solo traveling. So much so that I had not realized that I was not traveling with my family as much as I would like to. I miss my family when they are not with me. I noticed that with every new flight, drive, and hotel stay, I became more and more miserable because they were not around.

I plan to make things different for my family next year. I am committed to being conscious of planning more trips that include everyone in the family. Not only that, one of my goals is for us to take an extended trip in the summer months. I would really love for us to dedicate 2-3 weeks to get away from everything, and tune out the world. I want us to take time to strictly vacation and reconnect with each other as a family.


In addition to carving out the perfect timeframe for our family travel for the new year, finding the right location is also one of the top things on my to-do list. I am currently in the midst of doing research on several destination properties on the east and west coast for us to enjoy.

Things are going great so far! The whole family is involved with the search. We absolutely love Las Olas Beach Club so far as our choice in Florida, and it is currently everyone’s front-runner! Its oceanfront condominiums and amenities have everything that we would need to make the stay fun and wonderful.


Beach Club Dreaming Family Travel For The New Year

Las Olas Beach Club – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Starting the search early affords me lots of time to make a final decision. I am just hoping that no unexpected events arise that would force us to delay the trip or to cancel our family travel for the new year altogether. As well as everything is going so far, I am certain that things will turn out fine!

Family Travel For The New Year

Family Travel For The New Year

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