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be-mindful-of-what-you-believe-in #musicmonday

Music Mondays: Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

be-mindful-of-what-you-believe-in #musicmondayIn most cases, everything is the exact opposite of what you believe. And I can prove it to you.


How many times have you thought of an idea, only to tell yourself that it will never happen? Or what about those times when you have one, two, or even three bad things happen in your day and you start to say that only your life goes in such a way, and that everyone else life is perfect? You may even see stories of crime on the news, and immediately question whether going outside is safe anymore.

.Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

See, all of those things are thoughts. And just like all thoughts, if allowed, they have the power to become beliefs. Albeit negative, if you believe them long enough, they can immensely impact your view on the world, other people, and most importantly, yourself.

.Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

You will start to believe that life will never go right for you. You will start to believe that it is useless to try at anything. You will be convinced that, no matter how badly you want or need to go somewhere, you will be much safer if you stay in the house. You will stop stretching yourself, because you have concluded that you can only go so far.

 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

All of that stuff stated above is what I like to call: “Belief Out Of Order.”

If you are engaging in any of it, you need to stop right now.

 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

Yes, a few days may not go your way, and yes there is a possibility of ideas or goals not working out. But that does not mean you allow your emotions in the moment to steer you away from what you know are truths:

  • Trouble does not last always
  • There is an Ultimate(Higher) reason for everything—even when we cannot see it at the time
  • More often than not, rejection in life is usually a means of protection

 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

Why am I saying this?

 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

This was a lesson that I had to remind myself of just last week. There was an issue with a strange car constantly cruising and parking in strange manners in my neighborhood, and I really freaked the entire neighborhood out. It took a few days for the police to catch the person, and all the while I was telling myself that ‘only my life goes like this,’ with paranoia sending me into overdrive and giving up hope that the neighborhood would ever be safe again.

Of course, everything was the exact opposite of what I believed. Yep, I was guilty of  ‘Belief Out Of Order.’

.Be Mindful Of what You Believe In


 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

You—me—all of us—have to be more mindful of what we believe in. We have to believe in those three statements above: at least one of them can always be applied to counter any negative beliefs (In my case, it was the first 2: the people were caught and patrol was increased in the area, which was needed).

 .Be Mindful Of what You Believe In

I want to challenge you this week to pay more attention to words or beliefs of negativity involving your life. Stick to the three beliefs above, and I promise you will notice a difference in how you see yourself and your world.

Be Mindful Of what You Believe In.

Enjoy today’s Music Monday selection, ‘You Gotta Believe In Something’ by Jonathan Butler.



Know a song that would be great for Music Monday? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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