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Opportunity International

Back To School Giving: Invest In Children With Opportunity International

Opportunity International


Could you imagine what your life would have been like if you did not attend school as a child? If you’re now a parent, could you dream of your child not having access to an elementary or high school education? That is the very case for many children around the world—an issue that is highly unpublicized our society.

 Opportunity International Back To School Giving

Just take a look at some the Education statistics:

  • A staggering 130 million children around the world are not in school—70% are girls.
  • A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult. (World Bank)
  • Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.(UNICEF)

 Opportunity International Back To School Giving

Now more than ever, a child needs at the very least a basic education in order to survive. The time has come that we do something to save children’s futures.

  Opportunity International Back To School Giving

1003348_10151606377598429_75099122_nOpportunity International is leading the way with its Invest in One Child – Back to School Campaign. The initiative will help raise funds to send children impoverished areas to school and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

  Opportunity International Back To School Giving

Opportunity’s Education Finance Initiative

Opportunity International knows that education is a pathway out of poverty and has seen the accelerator effect it has on improving lives and strengthening communities.
Unfortunately education is not free in Sub-Saharan Africa- even public schools have big costs including fees, uniform, books, food, shoes, extra teacher payments, etc. Families are forced to cover up to 30% of primary education expenses.

  • Studies how shown that the number one reason that African families do not send their children to school is lack of financial resources.
  • Second reason is lack of access to education facilities in rural communities- government not able to fund school construction and meet demand.
  • Opportunity International is working to ensure all children have access to an education through school fee loans.
  • With the assistance of loans, parents are able to afford their children’s tuition and thus change their future.
  • Opportunity also funds school proprietor loans – allows people to open a quality schools in rural communities where there is need.
  • Opportunity International Education programs: Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Dominican Republic and Rwanda.

 Opportunity International

Opportunity International

.Opportunity International

Invest in One Child – Back to School Campaign

Opportunity International is working to raise funds to support its education finance initiative, which helps send children to school.

  • Through this campaign, people can help send a child to school for $1 a day.
  • A $240 donation is a representative amount families borrow from Opportunity International to pay for a year of school for one child.
  • Through the contributions of two generous donors, all donations to Invest in One Child will be matched dollar for dollar up to $35,000. This match encourages others to give likewise but is not contingent on additional gifts being received.
  • Education is a pathway out of poverty and Opportunity believes in the power of investing in one child


Every single child on this earth deserves a chance at a bright future. Opportunity International is working to provide that change to ensure that no child is left behind.

 Opportunity International Back To School Giving


*To learn more about the Invest in One Child – Back to School Campaign:


.Opportunity International

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Wow 20% increase in income for one year of school. Did not know that.

Arelis Cintron

That is a staggering number of kids that are not in school 🙁

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