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Family Affair: Getting Kids Involved In Back To School Money Management


Getting kids involved in back to school money management sounds like a challenging task. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Teaching kids in the household about the value of money and the importance of being mindful of finances before and during the school year will not only benefit the overall bottom line of the family budget, it will also instill money management beliefs and practices into students that will serve them greatly once they reach adulthood.




For this school year, I have an elementary student, a junior high student, and a college student in the household. That’s three different ages and grade levels of kids – each having their own unique set of financial needs. My secret to financially managing multiple kids going back to school this year is to do away with the ‘Mom-Solo’ and collective back to school shopping, and treat them as the individuals that they are. Setting distinct days and times to take each of them shopping on their own helps them to be more focused on their own needs, while simultaneously creating an atmosphere where we can talk one-on-one about being conscientious about spending for school clothes and supplies while sticking to their own designated budget.


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I show my kids how to shave dollars and cents as we shop for their school supplies and other items they need for the year. Before our trip to the stores even begins, we sit down and comb over store advertisements and websites to compare prices on the items they need. We also hunt for coupons and special deals – if we find more savings with online purchasing versus an in-store buy, we take advantage of it and have items shipped directly to the home.

Another way that I get the kids involved in back to school money management is by having them go on a scavenger hunt throughout the house to find any new or gently-used school supplies from the prior year. They also examine backpacks, jackets, hats, and coats for any wear and tear to see if they are in good enough condition to be worn during the new school year. We also upcycle clothing whenever we can. All of these actions saves us lots of money!


Back to school money management


For the rest of the school year, I get the kids involved in back to school money management by teaching them about saving and proper spending. My two youngest children save change in piggy banks. They apply towards purchasing supplies for homework assignments, snacks at school, and even new shoes and rain boots. My freshman college student has become well-versed in the saving and proper spending, and he has set himself a fixed dollar amount each week to use for incidentals during the hours he will be on campus attending his classes. In addition to that, I have regular chats with him about responsible spending and saving money for any emergencies that may arise.

As a Mom of four students in the house, my job of getting the kids involved in back to school money management does not end on the first day of school. I am always searching for new ways to protect our school year finances and household budget. Jotting down family financial tips and ideas from Protective serve as a great resource to me as the months go by. The articles from Protective help me to discover new and creative ways to teach my kids to save money for back to school needs, expenses that occur throughout the school year, and even ways to save for a college fund.


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When the kids are involved in back to school money management, it makes the entire school year flow smoothly in our household. Not only does it help the family budget, it also helps to instill the value of saving and spending properly in my kids’ minds for years to come.


Back to school money management 

What are some of the ways you get your kids involved in back to school money management? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

Back to school money management

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Lori Pace

Thank you for these helpful tips! #client


These are excellent ideas! We have a 6 1/2 yr old, 7 1/2 yr old, and almost 3 month old and have not set any money aside for college yet. I may start doing this.


Great tips! Back to school time can be expensive. as homeschoolers we spent about $300 per child and that didn’t include new clothes, just books and supplies!


Great advice!! I’m trying hard to teach my son that things aren’t free. He took us out for ice cream the other night with some of his chore money and was like “wow, that’s expensive”. Ummm, yeah, now you understand a bit better! 🙂


It sounds like you have a really good handle on it. I need to be better about teaching my kids the value of a dollar.


What great ideas! I have 2 teens who need to be more aware of how money works, and how to handle a budget. We’re having our 17 year old open a bank account and handle her own money from now on.


An open conversation with kids about finances is SO SO important!! My kids are very aware of how much they are allowed to spend on back to school supplies, so they don’t ask to buy crazy things.


My kids are grown and we’ve always talked to them openly and honestly about finances. Money management is such an important lesson for them to learn. All of our talking paid off. I have three kids who know how to handle their money and save.


What a great idea. I love to share lessons about responsible finances with my kids.


Great tips! I need to work with my kids on better money management.

Jennifer H

Such important tips all kids need to learn about. And a great reminder for parents.


Great tips! Its never too early to start teaching them about money!


Great back to school tips! I’m all about upcylcing and saving money!

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