Ask the Expert: Why Unintended Pregnancies Remain an Important Women’s Health Issue


For some women, unplanned pregnancy can bring joy, but for others it means an uncertain future. A 2016 survey of 1,990 women of reproductive age (aged 18-44) found that many women believe that unintended pregnancies (UIPs) can impact their lives, including their education, job, income, physical and mental health.


In 2011, approximately 45% of all pregnancies in the US were unintended, and UIPs disproportionately impact women aged 18-24, women of color, and women from low economic backgrounds. For some women, limited access to information, tools, resources, and contraception can make it hard for them to be in control of their reproductive health.



There are a number of contraceptive options to consider, and when considering her options, a woman may talk to her health care provider about what she is looking for with her contraception, including effectiveness, safety profile, availability, and cost, among other things.


Dr. Erica Montes, a board-certified OB/GYN and founder of the Modern Mujer Health, to discuss the importance of prioritizing reproductive health and how women can find resources and learn more about family planning and contraceptive options.


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