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Are You Okay With Letting People See You Cry? #NaBloPoMo

This month I am trying something new: a blog challenge called #NaBloPoMo in which topics are given that are based on a particular theme. This month’s theme is “Eye”. I am always up for a challenge I decided to give some of the daily topics a go.


NaBloPoMo September 2012

Today’s given topic is: Are you okay with letting people see you cry?




My comfort level with letting people see me cry really depends on the situation and the reason behind my tears. If they are due to anger, I try my best to refrain from crying in the presence of others. Any other moment or emotion, (ex: happiness) and it can be fair game.


But I wonder why I am like this when it comes to crying? Hmmmm….


Society can make it seem that to cry—especially in front of others—is a sign of weakness. Through music, movies, and other media, we are given the message that not crying is an indication of strength.


Remember this song: it was named, “The Ladies’ Anthem”



 Or even this one? 


The more I experience in this life the more I believe that the true strength in any situation is manifested in releasing emotions fully and completely—and if doing so means letting people see you cry, then so be it.


There is nothing wrong or unnatural in letting people see you cry. In fact, doing so not only develops inner strength, but it also reveals to others how you really feel and the depth in which you feel it. This goes for both moments of sadness and anger as well as times of extreme joy.



Going forward, I am making a commitment to cease from being afraid to let people see me cry regardless of the situation. Hey, if I hide my tears, those who are around me will never know what I am feeling and will go on as if everything is okay. If I want to resolve the issue, or even get some emotional support from people, the only way that can happen is if they are aware of my feelings.



I think that is a good change to make! 🙂



How do you feel about letting people see you cry? Are you okay with it or are you totally against it? Do you think your reasoning is affected by media and society? Share with me below or drop me a line at: melisasource@yahoo.com.



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Estelle Sobel Erasmus

I totally agree with you that the true strength in any situation lies in completely releasing emotions. I also love your link to the songs. Songs bring out emotions and can help release emotions as well. Thanks for sharing.

Estelle (from NabloPomo)

Makeba Giles

Greetings Estelle! I agree with you that music can really set the tone and/or be the driving force for getting those emotions out–no matter what they are. I am glad that you enjoyed this post and the songs as well. 🙂 ~Thank you so very much for sharing here with me! 🙂

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