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alicia-keys-value-your-quiet-time #quiettime #aliciakeys

A Visual Reminder From Alicia Keys: Value Your Quiet Time [VIDEO]

alicia-keys-value-your-quiet-time #quiettime #aliciakeys


With so many things tugging at us for our attention every minute of the day, it can sometimes prove to be a challenge to get ourselves in a place and space where everything around us is quiet. We can get so caught up in trying to plan and prepare for the next hour, the next day or month, and so on that the moments of quiet can seem for us to be very far, few, and in-between.

 .Alicia Keys

The funny part is, when we are fortunate enough to get those moments, either we do not notice them, do not value them, or because we are used to being in a busied state, we find ourselves at a loss of what to do.

 .Alicia Keys


More often than not, we must be reminded to fully value our times of quiet – as in this video featuring singer Alicia Keys.




We really need to do better in placing a much higher value on our quiet time. No matter how big or small they are, just getting our bodies and minds still in order to fully take in the peace and tranquility that is surrounding us in the moment will do wonders for us in every area. It is true that time does not stop for no one, but we can certainly make it seem as if it stops for us when we put the value of our quiet time into total action.

 .Alicia Keys

Phone calls, texts, emails, and status updates on Facebook and Twitter will keep coming in. There will always be something—or someone—requesting your attention. No matter how productive you are throughout the day, your “To-Do” list will never completely end. So why not take these truths to heart, and maximize the moments of quiet time that are gifted to you? –Not by engaging in even more actions, but by really calming yourself to soak in the beauty of total silence..

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Deone Higgs

I totally agree with you 101%, Makeba! It’s so very important for us to cherish the quiet times we get alone, and not only that, but we should seek out those times every chance we get. There used to be a time when I first started blogging when I would feel guilty for taking time off or away from my blogging duties. I was obsessed with what other people would think about me. Would they think I’m being lazy? Would they think I am not willing to play by the rules? Would they think that I was lollygagging and not… Read more »


For me, I like alone time to just sit and veg. Absolute quiet makes me crazy. But a little music or something mindless on TV does the trick rather well.

Arelis Cintron @DjRelAt7

I learned that lesson well my freshman year in college … second semester my roommate did not return so I had the room to myself … my sisters had both had kids the few months before the second semester started so there were now 3 adults and 3 children (2 newborns) living at my home that I would travel to on the weekends for work … I remember one day throwing out the garbage in my door room and hearing someone’s tv blasting … the closer I approached my door room the louder it got … it was my room… Read more »


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