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Makeba's professionalism is top notch and the level of excellence that all aspiring editors and business owners should strive for!

Crystal Willis
Crystal Willis CEO/Founder, The Omni Firm LA

Faith Health and Home is AMAZING. It's more than just a blog - it's totally a lifestyle magazine. It’s a true destination site filled with articles that are interesting to women. The site is updated frequently and features a wide variety of informative and engaging posts on diverse topics. The quality and quantity of articles are GREAT! There is truly something for everyone.

Brandii M. Toby-Leon
Brandii M. Toby-Leon VP, Executive Communications

I've worked with Makeba for several years and she has always been a pleasure to work with. Her interviews are extremely professional and kind. She comes up with unique questions and always does an engaging interview. I hope to keep working with her for years to come.

Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller

Makeba provided work for my company webpage and various social media networks. I was impressed with her level of detail and her commitment to quality on each project. She listened and implemented my requests, but was also very creative and understood our brand’s audience, which was exactly what I wanted. A great person to work with!

Jade Harrell
Jade Harrell Broadcast Radio Host, iHeart Media

We love the way you express Christ through your Gifts and talents. It’s just REFRESHING to see a young woman RUN for Christ and Never looked Back.

Keith & Kierra Hill
Keith & Kierra Hill Reader / Social Media Follower Owners of Follow Me 2 Christ

Makeba is one of the few influencers of the 2,300+ who have published content on behalf of BMB who has been a true pleasure to work with. She is passionate about her craft, and puts in hard work on campaigns. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again!

Ian Boschen
Ian Boschen Former SVP, Operations and Finance, Blog Meets Brand

We've had the pleasure partnering with Faith Health and Home for online content that encourages more discussion of women's physical, mental, and emotional health. Makeba’s posts are always one of the most well written blog posts.

Edna Kane-Williams
Edna Kane-Williams Community Voices, AARP

Firstline Creative + Media has developed a wonderful relationship over the last several years with Makeba Giles and her website. We collaborate with Makeba on a variety of topics and guests including those focusing on health, family, education, lifestyle, business and technology. Her creative approach to every segment captures each story perfectly! The segments are inspirational and heartfelt. Her attention to details, facts, statistics and each individual (which can include celebrities) is always appreciated and welcomed by our guests and our firm. Makeba is a seasoned professional, conducting every interview with care, concern, curiosity and a great deal of expertise. helps our guests effectively spread their messages to a wide and important audience, which ultimately helps thousands of people learn, love, laugh and so much more!

Lu Ann Sodano
Lu Ann Sodano Media Director, Firstline Creative + Media

I have worked with Makeba for several health messaging campaigns. Her content was well written and I feel it really brought the campaigns' messaging to life.

Emily Stephens
Emily Stephens Client Strategist, Influence Central

I have been following your profile on Instagram and really love your posts. I think your content is really amazing!

Braidley Ayuma
Braidley Ayuma Reader / Social Media Follower

Makeba has excellent interviewing skills and has talked to a wide variety of authors, celebrities, and spokespersons. She is gracious and interested and her segments are informative and entertaining. Her website is fantastic.

Martha Kiley
Martha Kiley

""I enjoy reading these articles that she posts. They're very informative and helpful to read. The information and stories that Makeba shares has had a great impact on my life. Love it!!"

Liz Reader / Social Media Follower

Makeba is one of the best at being a writer and media influencer with the most inspiring and heartfelt words!

Heather Lowe
Heather Lowe Reader / Social Media Follower

Love your content, started following you because I need more positivity in my life and you've got it.

Sharon Kay Suter
Sharon Kay Suter Reader / Social Media Follower