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6 Types of Therapy Designed To Make Your Marriage Stronger

6 Types of Therapy Designed To Make Your Marriage Stronger


Over 70% of couples support the positive benefits of relationship therapy. Finding time to nourish a healthy relationship improves the mental health of you, your spouse, and the rest of your family.


Many couples are now engaging in premarital therapy to help them build a strong foundation for their marriage. If you are already married and feel a lack of commitment to your partner, it may be time to consider additional counseling. Here are some of the most common counseling services available for couples.


6 Types of Therapy Designed To Make Your Marriage Stronger


Marriage and Family Therapy


Many couples seek out ways to communicate better. A marriage and family therapist helps their client improve their marriage. These professionals suggest better communication methods with their families. Marriage and family therapists most often assist clients by:

  • Helping couples grow closer
  • Identifying unhealthy behaviors in the relationship
  • Transitioning from negative communication habits to positive ones
  • Aiding a partner experiencing a difficult transition
  • Supporting each other to become better versions of themselves




Addiction Treatment


Substance abuse disorder erodes the fundamental structure of a relationship. Both parties need intense counseling to repair the damage caused by addiction. While some people choose individual therapy, drug treatment for married couples is an ideal solution. These therapists work with couples where one or both partners experience substance abuse disorder. They are sensitive to the unique characteristics of this disorder, such as codependency and family dynamics.




Life Transition Therapy


Marriage and family therapists specializing in life transition therapy assist couples experiencing significant life changes. They help their clients prepare for these moments and teach them to be available to each other during the process. Many couples seek out a therapist for transitions, such as:

  • Moving to a new city
  • Adoption or birth of a child
  • Health challenges of a partner or family member




Financial Counseling


Financial infidelity puts a significant strain on the marriage. Lying about how money is spent damages trust in a relationship. A therapist can work with the couple to help them understand the reasons behind the behaviors. They can give the couple communication tools to assist both partners in rebuilding trust in the marriage.



6 Types of Therapy Designed To Make Your Marriage Stronger



Grief Support


Losing a loved one is painful. A grief therapist can help break down the defensive response to grief. Couples learn to communicate with each other positively. Grief therapists help their clients:

  • Identify the emotions that grief triggers
  • Recognize and validate their pain
  • Learn to take care of their physical health during this challenging time
  • Ask for support from their partner
  • Understand the nuances between depression and grief




Trauma Counseling


Couples dealing with the ramifications of an accident or other trauma build a stronger relationship working with trauma counselors. These therapists specialize in recognizing traumatic memories. They are patient as they help the couple manage the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapists help clients establish a safe environment, develop coping mechanisms, and identify triggers.




Asking for support makes a marriage more successful. Great relationships take effort. A therapist can be just what you need in challenging times or when your relationship needs a boost.


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