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Outdoor Celebrations

6 Popular Occasions for Family Outdoor Celebrations You Should Start Planning Now

Warm days in the spring, summer or even in early fall are perfect for celebrating outdoors with friends and family. Placing an arrangement of delicious salads, sandwiches and desserts on a picnic table is a wonderful starting place for outdoor celebrations.


Look at these five popular occasions many people choose to celebrate by taking their favorite dishes outdoors.


A College Graduation Party

Most colleges hold their graduation ceremonies in May or June. This is an ideal time of the year to host outdoor celebrations.


Some families go formal by inviting over dozens of guests and sitting down under a canopy outdoors for a formal dinner. Other families like to keep it casual by grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken to serve to the friends of the college graduate.


Whether you’re eating grilled salmon or potato salad, a college graduation party held outdoors on a warm spring evening is sure to be a hit with any new graduate and his or her friends.


A Wedding Reception

Couples who marry in the warm weather months sometimes opt to hold their wedding reception outdoors. A couple who plans to host just a few friends and family may hold the gathering in their own backyard.


Perhaps they want to set up some tables on the lawn, so guests can sit and eat or mill around. With a little music, some Chinese lanterns, floating candles and some excellent cuisine, a small outdoor wedding reception can be as memorable as any large one held in a fancy downtown hotel with all of the trimmings.


A Child’s Birthday Party

A child’s birthday party is a very popular event for home entertaining and outdoor celebrations. Why? Because if someone drops a plate with cake and ice cream on it, it is very easy to clean up!


A couple of picnic tables can accommodate the children and allow them a space to eat snacks and cake. You can use an outdoor garden bench as more seating for small guests of the party.


Some very popular foods to serve at a child’s birthday party include pigs in a blanket, potato chips, pretzels, grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream. The look of your outdoor party menu depends on the preferences of the birthday boy or girl.


A Family Reunion

An outdoor family reunion is especially appropriate if there are dozens of people coming to the party. A large backyard or park would accommodate all of the guests without anyone feeling crowded in. Plus, having a party in the fresh air can make the get together all the more enjoyable.


Many people who host family reunions outdoors opt for grilling out and serving the guests hamburgers, barbecue, etc. If there are vegetarians in the group, they can have salad or even grilled corn on the cob.


A Summer Vacation Party

Inviting the kids in the neighborhood over to celebrate summer vacation is an ideal way to get bored kids out from in front of the television. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, then you can make it a pool party.


Otherwise, you can set up some small tables and chairs, so your guests can sit after playing games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, croquet and freeze tag. Help the kids in the neighborhood get the wiggles out and celebrate the beautiful summer weather at the same time.


The Fourth of July

When it comes to outdoor celebrations, this one is at the top of the list. Along with watching a display of fireworks, your family and friends can bring a dish and share the ones brought by others. This is an ideal opportunity to try some new, light recipes that are made to eat on humid summer days.


Or, you can make a slight adjustment to some traditional recipes. Many people assign family members and friends food items to bring to the celebration so there will be a variety and plenty of everything. Be sure to make music and games a part of your Fourth of July celebration.


These are just some of the occasions suitable for the outdoors. Any occasion large or small is made more enjoyable when it’s held out on a lawn or poolside on a spring or summer afternoon. Be sure to plan for your gathering by having enough seating, eating utensils and bug spray for all of your guests.

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