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5 Ways Women Can Stay Healthy and Happy Through the Years


There used to be a notion that aging must involve decline. That is still true to an extent — you probably cannot jump as high or run as fast in your 40s and 50s as you did in your 20s.


However, many aspects of aging are well within your control. Add years to your life and life to your years by following these five tips to stay healthy and happy through the years.




Eat Well

Weight management is always important, but it becomes crucial as you age. One key to maintaining a healthy weight is eating nutritious foods.



Whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables should make up the majority of your diet, as they are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Calcium and vitamin D are especially important to women, so include dairy products. Choose lean proteins such as fish and chicken, and prepare them without oil if possible.





Stay Active

Exercise is essential to health. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five days a week can significantly improve your quality of life. The world-renowned Mayo Clinic identifies several benefits of regular activity, including controlling weight, increasing energy, and encouraging better sleep.


5 Ways Women Can Stay Healthy and Happy Through the Years



Best of all, physical activity plays a major role in preventing high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, anxiety, depression and numerous types of cancer. A simple walk after dinner every weekday can have huge rewards.






Maintain Your Libido

Your libido will fluctuate throughout your lifetime. Many things can influence those changes; as women age, the most noticeable decline may happen after menopause. Unfortunately, a decrease in sex drive can have a negative effect on many aspects of your life, including your marriage and even your self-esteem.


Ladies Beware: The 4 Factors That May Be Impacting Your Sexual Health



The good news is, renewing your libido is possible. Improving your general health improves your sexual health, particularly exercising regularly and avoiding tobacco use. Various dietary changes and natural supplements can also help increase libido in women.





Remain Social

Social support networks are vital to enjoying life. Maintaining good relationships has been shown to help people live longer. Good relationships also help people live better, including lower anxiety levels, fewer depressive episodes, faster illness recovery and a stronger overall immune system. The corollary is also true:  One study asserts that a lack of social connections can have the same negative health effects as tobacco use, hypertension and obesity.




Obviously, your marriage is a vital part of your emotional support, but you need other close bonds as well. Staying connected in person is best, so go to lunch with friends once or twice a week. Join groups and clubs based on common interests. Reach out to far-away loved ones regularly via phone, text or social media.






Be Joyful

People need a purpose in life. As you age, things change: you retire, your children grow up to start families of their own and friends move away or pass on. Those changes can make you feel less vital, less needed. Yet you can still retain a sense of meaning and joy in your life.



Devote time to hobbies, old or new. Begin a practice that encourages gratitude and mindfulness, such as meditation or yoga. Travel to new places. Challenge your mind and keep learning every day.

Ways Women Can Stay Healthy and Happy

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