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4 Things To Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

4 Things To Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


There are few things more enjoyable than entertaining your friends and family members. If you hate the feeling of being cooped up indoors during one of these get-togethers, creating an outdoor space for entertaining is imperative. Homeowners that consider themselves cooking enthusiasts generally invest in outdoor kitchens that double as entertaining spaces.


Bringing your dream of the perfect outdoor kitchen to life will require the help of professionals like Allied Outdoor Solutions. Rushing through the outdoor kitchen design process can create lots of long-term problems. Therefore, taking your time and ironing out all the details of your design is necessary.


4 Things To Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


Here are some things to consider as you start to design your outdoor kitchen.



1. You Need Plenty of Electrical and Plumbing Lines  

Inexperienced homeowners fail to realize that outdoor kitchens require a lot of the same things that indoor kitchens do. Regardless of the cooking appliances, you plan to put in this new outdoor space, you need electricity to power them. Therefore, having plenty of electrical outlets in your new outdoor kitchen is a must.


You will also need to have adequate plumbing lines and fixtures in this outdoor space. Top-notch outdoor kitchens have sinks and icemakers in them. If you want to put these elements in your kitchen, then you need the right plumbing infrastructure in place.



2. Durable Flooring is a Must

When entering your outdoor kitchen for the first time, the main thing people will notice is the flooring. The flooring in an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to lots of moisture and foot traffic. This flooring will also need to be able to withstand oil and grease from the cooking equipment in the outdoor kitchen.


This is why you need to make sure the flooring option you choose for your outdoor kitchen is extremely durable. Some of the best flooring options for outdoor kitchens include poured concrete and sealed stone. The flooring in your outdoor kitchen will need to be installed at an angle to ensure it properly drains.



3. Outdoor Cabinetry is a Good Investment

The last thing you want is for your new outdoor kitchen to become a cluttered mess. You can avoid problems with clutter by investing in the right cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen. In most cases, you will need to use metal cabinetry in this space.


Having this metal cabinetry covered with the same material used on your flooring is a good idea. With the right cabinetry, you should have no problem housing all of the cooking utensils needed to bring your culinary creations to life.



4. Make Sure You Have Vent Hoods Over Cook Stations

Safety should be one of the main concerns you have when constructing a new outdoor kitchen. This is why you need to put vent hoods over all of your cooking stations.


With these hoods, you can remove heat and smoke from this area with ease. Allowing professionals to install these hoods is the best way to ensure no mistakes are made.



With these tips, you can construct an outdoor kitchen that is both appealing and functional.


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