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3 Things You Should Know About Brain Cancer Treatment

Most people find the concept of cancer frightening, particularly brain cancer. It is a serious disease with a variety of intense and lengthy courses of treatment. Here are three things you should know about brain cancer treatment.

1. Treatment Options May Vary

Treatment plans are based on a variety of factors, including the age of the patient, the type of cancer, the size of the tumor and its location. For example, if you or a loved one is diagnosed with glioblastoma, a specific type of brain cancer, you may want to contact Glioblastoma Foundation professionals for more information on your treatment options. Treatments for brain cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, radiosurgery, targeted drug therapies and tumor-treating (TT) fields.

2. There Are Resources Available for Information And Aid

Cancer treatments can be expensive, even with insurance, so you may need to seek financial aid for it. Some brain cancers are aggressive or difficult to treat, so you may benefit more from a clinical trial than from traditional treatment. Discuss your treatment options and your financial needs with your doctors. You can also find general brain cancer information and aid resources or seek help from specific organizations, such as the Glioblastoma Foundation.

3. Follow-up Care Is Equally Important

Medical care for brain cancer patients doesn’t end when treatment does. After completing your course of treatment, you must continue any follow-up care your doctor recommends. Follow-up care often involves regular neurological exams and brain scans to check for disease recurrence. You may also need physical therapy.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with brain cancer, you need to stay in touch with all your healthcare providers throughout treatment and follow-up care. It’s important to look out for new or worsening symptoms and let your doctors know immediately so they can adjust your treatment accordingly.

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