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3 Common Snack Mistakes (And Ways To Avoid Them)


When you are starting to feel the ‘fullness’ wearing off from breakfast, or when lunch does not quite fill you up, should you have a snack? And if you do decide that you want to indulge in a eating a snack, what types of snacking practices are best? Below are just a few of the most common snack mistakes, as well as some tips to make better snack choices.

 .3 Common Snack Mistakes

Eating Snacks ‘just because’

Think about this for a moment: when you snack, do you eat less or more healthfully at your next meal? Unless you have an underlying health condition that requires regular snacking, like diabetes, it might be a better practice to bypass the urge to snack to wait for a big meal instead. Try things such as drinking water with lemon or cucumber to help.

 .3 Common Snack Mistakes

Snacking with only ‘healthy’ carbs

Foods like apples and oranges for snacks are more beneficial when combined with a protein, because the protein helps to slow the release of sugar into the blood stream. Not only that, protein is also more likely to keep you feeling full. Peanut butter, mozzarella sticks and turkey slices are good sources of protein for snacking.

 .3 Common Snack Mistakes

Having too many ‘health halo’ snacks

“Health halo” snacks include foods that are healthier than their alternatives–such as granola bars instead of candy bars, multigrain chips instead of potato chips. Although deemed as ‘healthy’ snacks, these options can still add up the calories, sugars and saturated fats because of the false pretense that eating more of them is okay.

To avoid over-consumption, aim to purchase only single-serving packages or creating your own portions with small bags that include the right snack combinations.

.3 Common Snack Mistakes


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