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3 Alternatives to Traditional Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic

3 Alternatives to Traditional Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic


In the current pandemic, newly-minted high school graduates are undoubtedly re-evaluating their plans moving forward. With many four-year universities closing their doors, at least to physical people, the price of a traditional education is being questioned. And no wonder: the cost of higher education is higher than ever before.



But with a little forethought and ingenuity, innovative and driven students can create new options for themselves. Below are three nontraditional, but potentially practical, options for recent high school grads.



1. Check Out Online Schooling 

Finding classes from a university online, or even enrolling in a university known for its history of offering solid online classes, is a great back-up plan for many students. Remember, though, to look only for accredited programs!


For example, the Grand Canyon University accreditation team has ensured that a school like Grand Canyon University is legitimate and will give you a universally-recognized degree. Checking for something like Grand Canyon University accreditation is necessary for incoming students.



2. Take a Gap Year 

For some, this might be a wise choice, financially. For others, it might give them a little more time to decide what they hope to pursue in the future. Online classes can occasionally feel dissatisfying, and on-campus culture is a large part of many new students’ acclimation to college life. Why not take a year while the pandemic (and economic situation) settles to volunteer, save up some money, and rework plans?



3. Move to a New City 

Young adults who have always wanted to live somewhere but haven’t yet had the opportunity might find some value in trying this for a year or two. With both work and education still occurring largely online, this could be an excellent time to voluntarily uproot and try living somewhere new.


While nothing about the coronavirus pandemic is ideal or fun, high school graduates today can get creative with their education and career paths. Nothing like a raging global pandemic to inspire lifestyle changes, re-evaluated plans, and a healthy dose of personal reflection!

3 Alternatives to Traditional Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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